Sunday, February 12, 2006

2 wishes ,2 useful things contd..

Continuing my previous post ...There is one more thing that I find extremely is needed :a way to create empty directory structures in your system, what I mean is something by which I can right click on a folder or a set of folders and say 'select to create directory structures' and wroom!!! You navigate to a specified directory and create empty directory structures of the selected source ..
Applications of the above would be say :you want to replicate a directory structure for a source code at different places with different source code files but maintain the same directory structure.

Another useful thing that you would need would be a facility that would help you copy a diff between the content two directories..A lots of times you would need to have the same content in two different directories .That's when this will be very useful..

Friday, December 02, 2005

Two wishes ..two useful things

I need two facilities one in my web e-mail services(eg. Yahoo) and another on my destkop.On the first one:there are situations where in you have to send e-mails that have the same attachments(documents,pictures etc).
Cases could be:
1.I need to send my company information documents(which are not subjected to change regularly) to a client who requests it.
2.A job seeker post his resume to different companies but uses the same resume document each time to send.
In these cases although the attachments are same ,the recipients are different each time and the e-mail is send at different times .I get to know to who I have to send, each day and not before hand.For such situations,if the web e-mail service could provide me a facility where I can keep these set of documents on its server.And then send it for me ,when I request it to do so as an attachment with my e-mails, wouldn't it be great ?.Of course the storage space will have to be judiciously utilized for storing these attachments,but it should not be a constraint considering the fact that most commercial web e mail services provide 1 Gig Inboxes!! these days.. Lets see if any of the e-mails services start providing it...

The next thing I wish for..I will put in the next post.. :)

Monday, October 17, 2005


REpresentational State Transfer is a new buzzword in the Integration world.It supports for a common set of interfaces and a only a limited few for all applications to use and varies from the SOA in this very sense that ,in SOA the wsdl defines different port interfaces for different services types..
find more..,295492,sid26_tax301569,00.html

Monday, July 18, 2005

Connecting USBs

Today ,if I see, most electronic devices have a USB facility on them.I can connect my device to any computer system that can detect my device and connect the two systems for data transfer.But a negative that I observed is it is not possible to connect any two USB devices themselves and expect data to get transferred between them.
Now with the expounding of the USB,what I think has become necessary is that of a universal driver for USB devices that would enable any two USB devices to communicate and this is what exactly products from companies like 'Delkin Devices' for example do

'Delkin Devices'

Companies like these have come with 'USB bridges' which connect USB devices that store data in FAT16/FAT32 file system format.It will make the life of consumers easier in downloading song files from an USB storage device to an IPOD or storing pics from the camera onto a USB storage device and many more things..

Monday, June 13, 2005

Universal file storage format

Haven't blogged recently but,I realize that I did not find anything worth writing.But a recent development does sound interesting,using XML to store Microsoft office format files.Its good since many of the earlier binary formats were too proprietary.Now other applications can also make sense of the office formats and finally be able to process office documents..still a long shot though as some glitches are still around..
For further reading...
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Friday, May 13, 2005

Binary XML Storage

A recent update on XML transmission has been the conversion of XML from being transmitted as text to a much optimized way of converting it to a compressed format and then transmitting('gzip' in this context is pretty well known) for reasons such as network bandwith since XML as text is pretty verbose.

What I have been imagining is why not always store XML in binary format and applications working on XML uncompress the XML.So much for saving storing space..but every 'bit' saved counts heee

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


On a recent visit to the US I observed an increasing use of escalators.What I also observed was the fact that at peak times the escalators were heavily used, while at other times the escalators simply kept moving..I thought, what a huge waste of energy.Sophistication does come at a price..the price of wasting energy.I wondered why couldnt they be more efficient and perform dual function of sophistication as well as optimization.Afterall pitfalls of wasting energy are alaraming,added with the fact that energy resources are fast depleting,an efficient use of all devices,machines that consume energy is a must,no matter what the source of energy is..remember energy saved at one place could be a used hungrily elsewhere.There is enough demand for energy everywhere.
What I was thinking on these lines was why couldnt sensors be placed on the escalator to detect if a person is standing on it or not.Just a simple thought which is quite possible with electronic sensing devices these days coming petty cheap :)

In the meanwhile I started another blog sometime back just to log thoughts more generic in nature,more to do do with life and its idiosyncrasy..check out the link below:
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